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Sustainable Development Strategy

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2023-08-237 03:38
Sustainable Development Strategy

Green Development

Through continuous technological transformation and adoption of new energy-saving equipment, Our company strives to reduce energy consumption. The company's main energy supply methods are clean energy such as LNG and electric energy; In additional, through the use of wear-resistant steel balls specially manufactured by our company, mine wear and power consumption are reduced, and production continues to increase.

Safety and Health

Every employee belongs to a family and together they pursue a better life. We examine the workplace safety from the perspective of being responsible for the entire family. This requires us to comply with ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system and other standards, and to provide our employees with a comfortable working environment. We organize occupational safety and health training for different positions and conduct regular emergency response drills. At the same time, we also cultivate staff relationships through rich cultural life.

Promote Female Employment

We has always pursued the principle of occupational equality. Although traditionally, men have appeared to be more suitable to work in the forging industry due to the heavy work, technological progress has solved this problem.There is no obvious gender trend in HUAFU’s recruitment. Whether it’s marketing, administration, quality positions, we have several Wonder Women demonstrating their capabilities. 


Co-building a Harmonious Community

The essence of industry is to provide humanity with a better and easier life. Thus, our factories consider themselves as an organic part of the community where they are located, and fulfill their responsibility of operating in compliance with ISO 14001 environmental management system and cultivating harmonious relationships with the residents in surrounding areas. As a Chinese enterprise that has grown up in the countryside, HUAFU cherishes this harmonious relationship. Over the years, while striving to make profit, we have also maintained good relations with local governments and responded positively to all government requirements. We give priority to providing residents from surrounding areas with jobs, and purchasing products & services from neighboring enterprises to promote the resident community's overall employment and economic development. 

Contributing to Society

Over the years, HUAFU and its employees have always had a strong sense of social responsibility and an innate spirit of dedication. We often organize staff to call on homeless elderly and donate money to families in need. On traditional festivals, we offer supplies for the homeless elderly living nearby to aid in their welfare. And actively participate in social activities such as blood donation. 


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Sustainable Development Strategy